Please read the info below about getting your childs eyes tested. Let us know by Friday 6th November if you do NOT want your child tested.

Information for parents
Good eyesight is important for your child’s education – sometimes children can have issues that are vision-related, and hard to spot. Some of these issues could be;
Getting tired easily when reading
Complain that the letters mix themselves up on the page
Get distracted
Sit extra close to the TV or whiteboard
Squint to try and see
Find it difficult to read things from far away e.g. street signs
Most school work relies on your child using their eyes – looking at the whiteboard, looking at a book, looking at a screen. If it’s hard for your child to do so, it can really affect their experience at school – and their learning.
What the Foureyes Foundation does?
Foureyes Foundation is a charity that removes barriers to eyecare for NZ kids, and we are excited to help kids in Dargaville in the coming month.
If you have received this letter – your school has asked us to be involved in our programme. Please let your school know if you would like your child not to take part in this.
The Process.
Vision screening – we provide free vision screening onsite at your child’s school, which is simple, fun and fast.
Some of the children we screen will need further testing from an optometrist (about 15% of the school).
Those parents will be contacted to arrange an appointment at our location in Dargaville medical center (who have kindly offered us space).
Glasses will be provided by the foundation at no cost to you.
This is a charity and we get support to help with our programme – as part of our work to reduce barriers, we won’t charge for our service, but donations are welcomed.
Thank you again, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us (or your school).
Ravi Dass, Foureyes Foundation Ph 021 938 269