New Entrants

Starting school is an important time for both parents and child. It is important to contact the school before your child turns five to complete the enrolment process and plan some visits. This process enables a smooth transition process for everyone and helps to become familiar with the school and routines. Open, clear communication with the school regarding any questions, worries or needs will help us to support you better.

You can help your child adjust to changes by:

  • Telling your child lots of positive stories about school

  • Talking to your child about school and the things he/she has done

  • Building up his/her confidence and self-esteem in every possible way

  • Children get very tired when they start school so ensure they go to bed early and have rests after school

  • Helping them to write their name (first letter capital then lower case!), recite the alphabet song and talk about numbers, How many? What number is that? etc