9 December 2021

Kia ora wonderful parents.

I hope your children (and our parent helpers) all enjoyed a fabulous day at the lakes today! – photos to follow on facebook as soon as we have had a rest!

We have been down at the hall this afternoon setting up for prize giving and are disappointed to say that the internet is so poor down there that we are unable to live stream our prizegiving to enable our parents to be a part of it. We have tried a number of approaches and just cant get good enough coverage!  We will be taking loads of photos and will try and record as much of the ‘important stuff’ as possible – sorry you all miss my speech!

Children can be picked up at the usual time, 2:30 tomorrow, BUT they will need to be picked up from the show grounds. (Staff will transport them down there earlier in the day.) The buses will be picking up from the Showgrounds too!

Thanks, enjoy the heat!
Any questions – email me